Interlocking shapes in soft and relaxing colours.

Bone Base

Smoke Base

Fawn Base

Terra Base

Mud Base

Bone Star

Smoke Star

Fawn Star

Terra Star

Mud Star

Canvas Taco Matt

Amber Grey Taco Matt

Blue Grass Taco Matt

Orchard Pink Taco Matt

Verde Taco Matt

Blue Night Taco Matt

Amber Grey Taco Gloss

Orchard Pink Taco Gloss

Verde Taco Gloss

Black Taco Matt

White Taco Gloss

Canvas Taco Gloss

Blue Grass Taco Gloss

Blue Night Taco Gloss

Black Taco Gloss

Tile Details

  • Size: Base: 12x12cm, Star: 16.8×16.8, Taco: 3.4×3.4cm                                 

  • Usage: Wall and floor

  • Material: Glazed Porcelain

  • Colours: Base: 5, Tacos: 8

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