A  versatile brick in nine stunning colours and three finishes

Calce Lux

Calce Matt

Calce Pleat

Corda Lux

Corda Matt

Corda Pleat

Piombo Lux

Piombo Matt

Piombo Pleat

Senape Lux

Senape Matt

Senape Pleat

Lavanda Lux

Lavanda Matt

Lavanda Pleat

Petrolio Lux

Petrolio Matt

Petrolio Pleat

Amaranto Lux

Amaranto Matt

Amaranto Pleat

Cipra Lux

Cipra Matt

Cipra Pleat

Carbone Lux

Carbone Matt

Carbone Pleat

Tile Details

  • Size: 7.5x20cm                                 

  • Usage: Wall and floor (Matt)

  • Material: Glazed Porcelain

  • Colours: 9 colours, 3 finishes

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