Decorative glossy wall tiles coordinated with semi-matt plain wall and floor tiles create a most charming look.

Bianco Lux

Blu Lux

Nero Lux

Bianco Struttura Stamp Lux

Blu Struttura Stamp Lux

Nero Struttura Stamp Lux

Tappeto 1 Blu Lux

Tappeto 1 Nero Lux

Tappeto 2 Blu Lux

Tappeto 3 Blu Lux

Senape Matt

Tappeto 4 Blu Lux

Tappeto 4 Nero Lux

Tappeto 5 Blu Lux

Tappeto 5 Nero Lux

Tile Details

  • Size: 15x15cm                                 

  • Usage: Wall and floor (Plain colours)

  • Material: Glazed Porcelain

  • Colours: 3 colours

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