Classic patterned and plain tiles in soft colours and muted tones

Bianco Square

Sabbia Square

Crema Square

Ocean Square

Cielo Square

Tramonto Square

Astro OC

Astro SM

Astro Terra

Cardinal OC

Cardinal SM

Cardinal Terra

Geo OC

Geo SM

Geo Terra

Giglio OC

Giglio SM

Giglio Terra

Octagon OC

Octagon SM

Octagon Terra

Cubo OS

Cubo SM

Cubo Terra

Hexagon Bianco

Hexagon Sabbia

Hexagon Crema

Hexagon Ocean

Hexagon Cielo

Hexagon Tramonto

Hexagon Stella OC

Hexagon Stella SM

Hexagon Stella Terra

Hexagon Cornice OC

Hexagon Cornice SM

Hexagon Cornice Terra

Hexagon Giglio OC

Hexagon Giglio SM

Hexagon Giglio Terra

Hexagon Cubo OC

Hexagon Cubo SM

Hexagon Cubo Terra

Tile Details

  • Size: 20x20cm                                 

  • Usage: Wall and floor (Matt)

  • Material: Glazed Porcelain

  • Colours: 6 plain colours, 3 patterned colourways.

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