Traditional techniques and modern technology combine to create a stunning range.

Forma Argilla

Forma Vitrea Argilla

Forma Chamotte

Forma Vitrea Chamotte

Forma Argilla Panel

Forma Vitrea Argilla Panel

Forma Chamotte Panel

Forma Vitrea Chamotte Panel

Relivo Argilla Panel

Relievo Chamotte Panel

Relievo Lacca Riflesso Panel

Relievo Argilla

Relievo Chamotte

Rilievo Lacca Riflesso





Marna Panel

Argilla Panel

Chamotte Panel

Oltremare Panel

Marna Hexagon Panel

Argilla Hexagon Panel

Chamotte Hexagon Panel

Oltremare Hexagon Panel

Intarsio Chamotte

Intarsio Chamotte

Cesello Argilla

Cesello Chamotte

Dipinto Marna

Dipinto Chamotte

Cesello Argilla Panel

Cesello Chamotte Panel

Dipinto Marna Panel

Dipinto Chamotte Panel

Tile Details

  • Size: Square 20x20cm, Hexagon 25×21.6cm.

  • Usage: Floor & wall (Forma & Relievo wall only)

  • Material: Glazed Porcelain

  • Colours: 4 plain Colours available

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